Algorithmic journalism is still an emerging practice. This is true for the Local News Data Hub (LNDH) and the news industry as a whole. We will therefore critically review and update these policies on a regular basis.


The sources of our data will vary. Some will be supplied by third parties. In other cases, the data may be assembled by Local News Data Hub (LNDH) reporters. 

Our commitment is to: 

  • vet all data providers and data to verify the origins of the data
  • work with data providers to address errors, gaps and inconsistencies in datasets before analyzing and incorporating data into stories 
  • be transparent about our methodology in the text of stories and in a “how we did it” manual produced for each story and posted on the LNDH website


Working in collaboration with Canadian news organizations, data will be used to produce local stories for one or more communities. The Local News Data Hub will strive to ensure stories are accessible to all news organizations. 


The LNDH defaults to an open-data approach. Recognizing that being accountable means allowing our research and methods to be seen and replicated, access to the raw data and relevant coding will be shared whenever possible with newsrooms and audiences. In some cases raw data may be withheld due to privacy concerns or because it is of commercial value to the source. All LNDH stories will include information on: 

  1. where the data came from
  2.  how the data were produced, selected and analysed
  3. the use of any form of algorithmic journalism (artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.)  in the compiling or distribution of data or stories