April Lindgren

April Lindgren

April Lindgren is a professor at Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Journalism and principal investigator for the Local News Research Project. Her research investigates local news poverty and the role of local journalism as critical community infrastructure. She spearheaded creation of the crowd-sourced Local News Map, which tracks changes to local news ecosystems.


Carly Penrose

Carly Penrose (Fall 2022 - )

Carly Penrose (she/her) was a student data journalist with the Local News Data Hub while completing the second year of her master or journalism degree at Toronto Metropolitan University. Now graduated, she works with the Investigative Journalism Foundation and continues to collaborate with the Local News Data Hub on data-driven stories.

Email: carly.penrose@torontomu.ca

Breanna Schnurr

Breanna Schnurr (Fall 2022 - Winter 2023)

Breanna Schnurr is a recent graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Journalism. Before graduating, Breanna worked for the Local News Data Hub and was co-editor-In-chief of New Wave Magazine, a campus publication. Breanna has worked as a staff writer for IT World Canada and is now a freelance journalist.

Email: breanna.schnurr@torontomu.ca


Nicole Blanchett

Nicole Blanchett

Dr. Nicole Blanchett is an associate professor in Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Journalism. Her research focuses on journalistic role performance, the use of audience data in newsrooms, and the changing boundaries and definitions of journalism, as seen in papers published in Journalism Practice and Digital Journalism. She previously worked as a news producer and writer at Citytv in Toronto.

Murtaza Haider

Murtaza Haider

Dr. Haider is a professor of data science and real estate management at Toronto Metropolitan University. He serves as the research director at Toronto Metropolitan University’s Urban Analytics Institute and is the author of Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics (2016). His weekly column on real estate markets appears in Postmedia newspapers across Canada.

Asmaa Malik

Asmaa Malik

Asmaa Malik is an associate professor and interim co-chair at the Toronto Metropolitan University School of Journalism, where she teaches digital and entrepreneurial journalism. She has played several key editorial roles at the Montreal Gazette and the Toronto Star and her work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Walrus and the Star.


Kevin Manuel

Kevin Manuel, MA, MLIS is the data librarian at Toronto Metropolitan University Library and is the university’s official representative to Statistics Canada. In his role as data librarian, he assists researchers with the location and retrieval of research data. Additionally, he provides research support for Black StudiesLGBTQ+ Studies and is involved with the library’s Indigenous Engagement Plan.


Bhaswati Mazumder

Bhaswati Mazumder is the statistical consultation and learning specialist at the Toronto Metropolitan University Library. She provides consultation and education on applied statistics, supporting a broad range of research in various disciplines. Bhaswati has a masters degree in spatial analysis and over 15 years of work experience, with multiple awards, in teaching. With a research expertise in environmental modelling, she also currently serves as a sessional lecturer and PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies.


Angela Misri

Angela Misri is a journalist, novelist, and instructor with more than 20 years of experience, 14 of them with the CBC and now as the digital director for The Walrus. She is the author of six books, and teaches journalism and brand journalism courses at Toronto Metropolitan University and the University of Toronto.


Patti Sonntag

Patti Sonntag is an award-winning journalist and producer. The founder of the Institute for Investigative Journalism at Concordia University and a former managing editor in The New York Times’ News Services division, she has led the large investigative teams working on “The Price of Oil,” “Tainted Water,” and “Broken Promises,” among others. She is currently helping with projects at University of Victoria and APTN News.


Christina Wong

Christina Wong is the data analyst, GIS technician and website administrator for the Local News Research Project and the Local News Data Hub. She is a graduate of the Geographic Analysis program at Toronto Metropolitan University.